Wednesday, May 25, 2011

True Love!

You know you are really in love when your heart races when they're around... You can't imagine your life without them... And all you want is more! No, I'm not talking about men... this is a design blog after all.... I'm talking about Weitzner Wallcovering!

I was out looking for some wall covering yesterday so I made a stop at my "go-to" showroom, The ID Collection.  They carry some of my favorite lines... Including my favorite wall paper. Now, this isn't your grandmas paper folks, this is something so much more. Check out some of the images below.... And don't worry, just like true love...there is enough to go around.

Paper back stone!  These thin slices of stone give you beauty of exotic stone, with the ease of wallcovering installation.  This has hotel reception wall written all over it!

Upcycled newspaper creates a casual and green style.  I think this would be fun in a kids craft room, company break room, or anywhere else that doesn't have too take itself to seriously.

Paintable plaster paper.  Beautiful raised plaster designs that can be painted to any color.  Could be great on your walls, applied to boards like art panels, or even inset into paneling on furniture.

Magnetic Wall Covering!  Has the look of linen but the functionality of a cork board- Great for a clean office.

Paper made from South American tree bark had an airiness.  Great sandwiched between glass on a table top, or as a room divider .  I'd love to see it on a ceiling inset!  Shown here are the three different colors available.

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