Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dining on an Empty Stomach... I mean... Room

I just started work on an EMPTY dining room that will soon become a posh hangout for a Hip Young Family.  They bought their home a few years ago and have yet to tackle the space, which happens to be directly adjacent to their front door.  I'm thrilled to have been enlisted to whip this "Empty Cave" into "Chic First Impression!"  I'll post before pictures early next week, but to wet your whistle here are some concept photo's from the client.... Oh how I love a Hip Family with good taste!

After our first meeting, we decided that this would be our direction because of the inviting look and warm contrast. 

Clean, inviting and covered in elegant details.

We are going to do a custom stone top table for the space!  I love all the details in this image... Great mix of textures, styles and materials.

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  1. I vote for table #1, well really, I love, love the shape of it. Three people can actually be at each "head of the table", and there is no squishing. This has always driven me crazy, no matter how long or large the table, the ends there is on one person sitting, all by them self. I can't wait to see all the photos. ♥