Friday, January 27, 2012

International Inspiration: Thailand II

Especially in comparison to the landscape of Texas, Thailand is a rainbow.  Granted you might have to look past some murky water or streets to see it, but that might be part of the reason that it jumps out.  Whether is on the buildings, flowers or clothing there was an abundance of color inspiration!  

International Inspiration: Thailand Color
From the Royal Grand Palace.  Amazing gold and glittery tile with impeccable detailing. 
We were able to stop at a floral show that was in honor of the King's birthday.  They had a spectacular showing of orchids.  I love the tropical pink and yellow with the crisp white on these guys.

Now, people aren't just walking around in these get-ups but they are traditional tribal clothes from the northern regions.  Fun patterns in cheerful colors make for very chic tribal ladies.
Marble edging at the Royal Grand Palace is so subtly colored but its a fantastic discovery as you walk past.

The color of fresh and stir fried veggies, spicy red sauces and white and blue plates had me enjoying the meal before my first bite.

I LOVE the color of bright marigold this monk is wearing!  I wouldn't make a very good monk but I am terribly envious that they get to wear something so cheerful all day!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

International Inspiration: Thailand I

My husband and I decided to kick off the New Year in style by traveling to Thailand to visit family.  I had lofty plans of blogging while I was away to keep you guys up to date on my latest inspirations.... but I instead read my book and took in everything!  The weather this time of year was WONDERFUL and everyone there did their part to make sure we had an amazing time! Now, it's back to the real world for us....

  There was inspiration at every turn, and I always had my camera ready to capture it. I'm going to break the pictures down into groups so its not overwhelming.

International Inspiration: Thailand Architecture

Ancient temple ruin.  A series of temple (or Wat) sites were buried with only the top exposed.  They have recently been unearthed and they stored treasures ranging from golden Buddha's to Ming Dynasty pottery.
Beautiful Wat with elaborate dragon entrance.  All of the detail and color is so striking.
Spirit house at the previous temple image.  Read more about Spirit Houses.

Ancient Chedi that was constructed and then renovated by a few different rulers so the detailing is from different periods and styles...  Its also thought to house a gold Buddha.
Close up of the sculptures and carving.  Great patina.
New Wat that is still under construction by an artist that wants it to be the most beautiful building in the world.  Its an amazing statement in its stark white and mirror.
Gold Buddha... He's three stories high at least!

Worn steps at Ayutthaya: the old capitol of Thailand.  These steps have been trod upon since 1350.
Ayuttaya Stupa.  The texture and coloration on these bricks and statuary is fantastic!

 Fantastic statuary at Royal Grand Palace: The King's former residence.
I love all the detail in this tile on the building!

Exterior of the Wat that houses a Buddha made 100% from Jade.  Read its interesting story!