Sunday, August 14, 2011

Impulse Accessorizing II

Most of the time there isn't enough money in the budget for a complete overhaul of a home or room and most of the time people would like a little something new to keep their spaces fresh and evolving.  A few new accessories on a console, mantle or side table can breath new life into a room without being cost prohibitive.

From time to time I come across a piece that I would categorize as an "impulse accessory."  It has to be under $100 dollars (so it doesn't require any major savings or a family discussion) but also it needs just enough style to make an impact.

Second Installment: Indonesian Tin Boxes

I came across these boxes while looking around the Serena and Lily website.  I love almost everything they sell; they keep their colors current and their products fresh.  These pressed tin boxes come in a set of 5, are on sale for $47.00 and would add a great ethnic vibe to a space!  It's a great buy because they could be used in so many different ways.  I love the idea of using them together stacked on a side table or separated for smaller spots like a guest bathroom for cotton balls and other amenities. Whether you use them together or spread them around, you are definitely getting your money's worth.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fab 5 on Five: Modern Trimming

Everyone has favorites.  The "go to" places or things that are always the right fit for their sensibilities.  Designers are no different!  If asked, they have a list of favorites for any category in design, whether it's their favorite show stopping sofas or their most coveted accessories. 

Below is my first installment of a monthly "Fab 5 on Five", a compilation of my favorite things on the fifth of each month.

Installment: Modern Trim

No. 1 Warm Leather Welt Cord by Holly Hunt: Can be used to edge pillows or in between seams on upholstery.  What I think is so great about the leather is that it doesn't have to be rustic; it can feel tailored and modern.

No. 2 Edgy Metal Bouillon Fringe by Kravet Couture: This trim is a modern interpretation of an old school style.  Used along the bottom of a sofa gives a floating feel.
No. 3 Elegant Satin Tape Trim by Calvin Klein: The contrast of sheen and tasteful color is what I love about this trim.  Added as a detail to anything in a master bedroom would be tranquil and stunning.
No. 4 Fanciful Feather Fringe by Kravet Couture: This is definitely not for everyone but if you have a little edge to your taste this would be stunning as a top treatment on drapery.

No. 5 Classic Embroidered Tape Trim by Samuel & Sons: The overall feel of the materials is casual but there is an elegance to the pattern that I love.  The combination of textures is really special too.  I think using this as a detail on drapery or on upholstery would be great. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Installation is getting close to completion at the Hip Young Family dining room!  Everything is coming together nicely and it is finally starting to look like a real room. We are still waiting on the table base and dining chairs…which is a little funny since it’s a dining room but these things are being special ordered and custom made so they take a little more time.  You can’t rush perfection.
To get you excited without giving away ALL of the surprises, here is ONE progress shot!  We are draping the entire wall that separates the dining room from the “kids table” in the adjacent room.  To add a dramatic punch of color to the tonal room, I framed two intensely colored photographs and “floated” them in front of the drapery.  It adds a lot of interest and an extra layer to the space.  I’m in love with it, so I had to share!