Thursday, January 24, 2013

So Done With It : Teenage Gal Room

A teenage girl is a fantastic muse!  Especially if she has a spunky mom that wants to surprise her with a new room for her Sweet 16.  We worked to update her room from the lavender fairy princess to a playful room where she can "like totally have friends over!"

We were diligent about the budget since teenagers don't necessarily go easy on their bedrooms. So by mixing some great bargain finds like the mirrors we had painted, a chandelier with great sparkle with some designer fabrics the room feels complete without draining the wallet. 

Our goal was to create a hip and timeless room that reflected our teenage gal's playful personality, while still using her great antiques.  How do you make antiques feel young you ask?  Throw in some bright pops of color to make them feel less "grandma" and more "boho".  How do you make it Bohemian enough for a teenage girl but classic enough for a mom with impeccable taste?  Keep the pops of color tailored and geometric while mixing the different hues.
Before this corner of the room was a catch all for all things "teenager".  Now our gal has a cozy spot to text her friends...oh wait, I mean study!  We found a chair with antique lines but added a pop of pink and blue to give it some youthfulness.   Tailored Roman shades ground the space with their strong pattern and great color.
To store away some of the aforementioned teenage accouterment, a nightstand with mirrored doors adds sparkle while keeping clutter under wraps.  To keep it light hearted, a fanciful mirror painted pink and a pair of horse lamps flank the bed.  I love all the mirrored surfaces in this room!
Custom bedding in an array of bright hues lend a lot of playfulness to the antique bed.  The large yellow euro pillows are made from an indoor/outdoor fabric so they can easily be drafted as floor pillows without worrying about them getting ruined.  A pretty monogrammed coverlet and patterned throw pillow tie all the rooms colors together.
By recovering the vanity chair and dabbling some pretty accessories, the vanity area is ready for the daily glam routine. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

#DesignDilemma: You've Been Framed.

Creating a gallery wall for all of your family pictures and eclectic finds is a great way to create a statement on a large wall while still having some personal affects on display.  It also gives you bang for your buck, as a collection of items will likely be less expensive than one large statement piece. 

This design element is everywhere right now but I am always getting questions from my clients and friends on how to achieve this look.   As with most things in design, there is no hard rule because designers aren't typically the "rule follower" type. Thank goodness or all of our spaces would be the same! 

#DesignDilemma: You've Been Framed.

Whether you are traditional or modern, if you feel the need for things to be in straight rows and methodically laid out then this layout is likely for you! Frames that are identical can display a collection of botanical prints or a collection of black and whites. Keep in mind that this type of layout doesn't allow for very much flexibility for changing things around so it's best for a collection that is finite.

If you are always finding a new piece of artwork that you cannot live without then a more relaxed layout is for you.  To keep it chic and not a hodge-podge find a connecting element to tie them all together.  Are all of the images different?  Consider framing them in frames that are all the same color and style.  If the content is pretty similar then you can mix the frame color and style!  
You can also arrange the collection to keep growing and evolving by either hanging specific frames and changing out the photos, or keeping the configuration loose so that you can change the frames also.  Just try to hang them in a way such that their is a relationship between the frames.  Maybe they are all lined up along the center or all of the right edges are aligned.  I especially love the idea of leaning a collection against the wall on a picture ledge for a casual display.

If you want more inspiration check out my Pinterest board!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Color of the Year

Ringing in the New Year always means.... Pantone's Color of the Year!  For this Interior Designer the only thing that brightens my sprits after all of the sparkly lights and glitzy ornaments are put away is new inspiration to get the sparks flying again.

This years color is **drumroll**
If you are looking for a major overhaul or just adding a few extra things you can incorporate a new color very easily!

By adding a small collection of green glass accessories and framed images you can add a classic touch to a side table vignette! Image from Charm Home
If you are feeling bold, add a statement furniture piece upholstered or lacquered emerald. Image from Stern Turner Home

In a monochromatic room, a pop of emerald feels regal. Image from Edwin Pepper
If you are a blue person at heart, bring the outdoors in with a hint of emerald in a terrarium.  Image from Atmosphere Design Inc.