Friday, April 15, 2011

Pillow Talk

One of the BEST ways... in my very humble opinion... to refresh a room is to splash some new pillows around.  I was on the hunt for some blue and white bedding today and stumbled across some fantastic threads from West Elm!  They are bright, they are modern, and they are affordable... Thank you West Elm!

Here are some of my favorites!

I love the texture of these!  I love the mustard and blue combo- Buy them together!

Painterly and Bright- Two of my favorite patterns attributes.

The website describes these as spicy! Too bad they put it on this blah sofa, it would really shine with a rich brown color.

Glamorous without being chintzy.  The texture makes these pillows special.

Half Bo-Ho/Half Nautical Prep... I love a juxtaposition

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Me Pretty OR Color Me Bad?

Brendan and I got back about 3 weeks ago from St. Lucia (sigh...can I go back?) After looking around at the brightly painted buildings, it really got me thinking about what shapes our perceptions on color. Why do some cultures/regions of people have an affinity for brightness while others tend toward neutrals?  You don't need to travel far and wide to see these differences, I think you could easily look around the United States different regions, or the different cultural hubs around your city.  Mind you... I haven't come up with an answer to these questions!  For goodness sake, I'm an interior designer not an anthropologist. 

Here are some of my theories behind the color conundrum:

Is it your surroundings?

Indian Spices
Indian clothing  

Is it your heritage?

New England

Travel and Experience?
Japanese Pagoda Style
Frank Lloyd Wrights Exhibition Building after trips to Japan

Here's what I have figured out - People need to surround themselves by what makes them happy, and what they are inspired by.  Whether its your ideals from upbringing, your surroundings, or your latest obsession, YOUR interiors should be a reflection of YOU!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm working with my friend and builder, Jim Womble of Savannah Custom Homes, to complete a quick remodel of a Dallas Gem!  He and I first worked together when Brendan and I renovated our home. Then last year we remodeled another home he'd purchased for resale.  Jim has the uncanny ability to see a homes hidden potential... and in the case of this project it was hidden behind granny shag carpet, terrifying butterfly wallpaper and garish pops of red.  He's about halfway through the remodel, which is where I come in!  Jim has the style he wants to achieve and I help him pull it all together with the finishes.  We are in the process of selecting the flooring materials, paint colors, and counter tops to transform from granny to modern.  Here are some before pictures! 

Caution: If baby pink appliances and metallic wall covering make you nauseous... turn back while you still can!

Front Exterior.... Love the over scaled basket?

Entry.  Nothing says welcome to 1970 quite like this.

Formal Living/Dining.  Shag Carpet and Teal!

Family Room.  Check out the fancy red molding!

Kitchen.  Yes that is a baby pink stove and jungle wallpaper border.

Hall Bathroom.  Either its patriatism... or bad taste.

Master Bath.  Please notice the metallic butterfly wallpaper.