Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fab 5 on Five: Modern Trimming

Everyone has favorites.  The "go to" places or things that are always the right fit for their sensibilities.  Designers are no different!  If asked, they have a list of favorites for any category in design, whether it's their favorite show stopping sofas or their most coveted accessories. 

Below is my first installment of a monthly "Fab 5 on Five", a compilation of my favorite things on the fifth of each month.

Installment: Modern Trim

No. 1 Warm Leather Welt Cord by Holly Hunt: Can be used to edge pillows or in between seams on upholstery.  What I think is so great about the leather is that it doesn't have to be rustic; it can feel tailored and modern.

No. 2 Edgy Metal Bouillon Fringe by Kravet Couture: This trim is a modern interpretation of an old school style.  Used along the bottom of a sofa gives a floating feel.
No. 3 Elegant Satin Tape Trim by Calvin Klein: The contrast of sheen and tasteful color is what I love about this trim.  Added as a detail to anything in a master bedroom would be tranquil and stunning.
No. 4 Fanciful Feather Fringe by Kravet Couture: This is definitely not for everyone but if you have a little edge to your taste this would be stunning as a top treatment on drapery.

No. 5 Classic Embroidered Tape Trim by Samuel & Sons: The overall feel of the materials is casual but there is an elegance to the pattern that I love.  The combination of textures is really special too.  I think using this as a detail on drapery or on upholstery would be great. 

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  1. Great information. It makes me think bigger about some of the decorating I want to do.