Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reclaimation Station!

The enviornmental movement has really taken off in the past few years. With this insurgence, there has also come so many chic ways to be green! While I personally think its fabulous to make small changes daily that can help save our environment, why not apply some of those same ideas to make your interiors more fabulous too!  There is a certain panache associated with surrounding yourself with things that have been around for longer than you have, so using reclaimed or repurposed items can add instant character to a space.... and you also get the extra feel good vibe for doing something good!

Here are some great finds around Dallas and beyond:

Re-purposed wine bottles as wine tumblers.  Not only does this restaurant use them in their daily service, but they sell them on site too!-Rise

These architectural artifacts were salvaged from the ruins of old houses in India. Definitely adds an old world touch... makes me wish things were still made like this for everyday use!    -Wisteria

A limited edition pendant fixture made from a cache of vintage holophane glass salvaged from a Connecticut aeronautics factory.  This company also has a green philosophy that they apply to their manufacturing practice.  Extra feel good points here! -Remain's Lighting

This chair back is covered in an old french feed sack, very chic and so different.  You could do this with almost any vintage textile.  Check out their website or stroll-in for other one of a kinds- B Gover Ltd

These art panels are made from slivers of reclaimed boat hulls, very textural and totally one of a kind!-Big Mango

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