Monday, May 23, 2011

Setting the Table

Well, anyone who knew me in design school or really anyone who has been to a design studio knows that the creative process isn't usually a tidy one.  I typically pride myself in an orderly home, but as soon as I start a project..... my creativity explodes.  Ironically as I create a sophisticated and clean space for a dining room, I have completely covered mine with images, fabric/paint swatches and catalogs (don't worry my fancy candle sticks are still there just to remind me to not get out of hand!)

Since mine is in temporary disarray, I pulled out a few of my favorite dining table shots to keep me on the straight and narrow!  Hope you enjoy!

Perfect for outdoor casual entertaining.  I love the mix of the colors and the warm candle light!

Crisp and simple but far from boring.  I would have loved a textured vase for those flowers though!

This table cloth has all the right pizazz!  The white and red accessories on the table are the perfect finishing touch.

The colors in this image don't drive me wild, but i think this could be a great holiday place setting.  Especially if you could incorporate a seating arrangement on the ribbon somehow.

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