Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Concept Dining

I've been working the last few weeks to get a solid concept for the Hip Family Dining Room.  We've looked high and low for pieces that not only look fabulous together but can stand the test of time.  This couple knows their style, so they are excited to acquire things that can live happily ever after with them for years to come.  Durability and timelessness are at the front of our minds when we are making selections and we've been able to pull some great items together.  Take a look at our process:
First Things First! Laying out the floor plan is crucial in making sure everything is going to fit and function.  This room will seat 8 people very comfortably at a custom stone table and it has extra storage in a console along the wall.  A little drama is added with two pendants over the dining table, decorative wall scones, and potted plants!  A large area rug finishes everything off by added texture and warmth.

While I'm making selections, I create a concept page so everything is in one spot.... because eventually everything WILL be in one spot. It is critical to continually see everything together, for me and for the client.

We want this space to be elegant, clean and transitional! We are keeping it pretty monochromatic, using tones of silver, white and grey.  For youthful interest we are adding punches of color around the room in the form of art and accessories.  Texture, contrast and light will also play a huge roll in making this space special. 

I sketched a perspective for this space because I wanted the client to see how I planned  for everything to come together!    

We've had the contractor busy at work adding light switches! Moving plugs! Adding junction boxes in the ceiling and wall! Painting! Adding moulding to the ceiling! So.... things are really coming together!!  When we get a little further along I'll post some progress shots!


  1. Love watching it all unfold! Can't wait to see the finished little design star!

  2. LOVE it!! SO amazed at you all the time Bonnie!! I can't WAIT to see the finished product! ~Kellie