Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#DesignDilemma: Mirror Above Console

Everyone has questions as they navigate their space spruce ups.  Sometimes you end up with a list and decide to call in for professional back-up, but sometimes you just have one question that is plaguing you.  I can help!

#DesignDilemma: Mirror Above Console

"Ok, so here's my design challenge...My husband and I got this mirror at an art/antique fair over Memorial Day weekend. It is a 19th Century French piece. We like the spot in our living room where we hung it, but are unsure of how to "style" around it. Would love your thoughts! Our style is contemporary casual and we want this room to have an effortless elegant vibe. We love the scale, look and story of this mirror, but it feels "weird" to us right now. We have existing lamps in front of it, but are open to change."  -Chicago Couple

These are my thoughts: 

I love that you are mixing styles and periods in your home!  It makes your space so much more interesting.  The mirror has a great classical style and is very symmetrical so you need to either play into the symmetry (which is what you are doing now) or go for an asymmetrical composition for a complete departure and make it really stand out.   

For starters I would consider scootching the mirror down.  It might be about 3" too high, which is TOTALLY nit-picky but I'm just throwing it out there!  I would shoot for the middle to be around 5'6" from the floor (or just 3"-4.5" above the top of the console).  Here are two quick sketches...they might look like a crazy person drew them, but don't be afraid.

1) Symmetrical:  Since you already have a pair of lamps this might be the quickest fix.  Your current lamps shades are the culprit in the "weird feeling" you mention since they over hang the decorative side panels.  It creates an awkward break for your eye.  If you replaced the shade with something smaller to fit within the confines of the side portions, your eye will be pleased!  See buffet lamps and lamp shades: http://www.horchow.com/search.jhtml?N=0&Ntt=buffet+lamp&_requestid=1620

2) Asymmetrical: I lean toward this for you because the style of your console (and the rest of your house from what I can see) is more contemporary than this mirror.  If you depart from its classic cues, I think you'll make it stand out as an art piece.  I drew a little swooping line to represent how the composition should be higher on one side and float down to the other.

I've drawn it with a larger lamp to anchor the arrangement.  It would be amazing if it was a warm neutral color to play against the cool color of the mirror and pull out the golden colors in the frame.  Try it with a sleek glazed pottery or glass for an added texture (like the above.)
I would then put two smaller objects that vary in size next to lamp like these great coral pieces (like the attachment labeled collection).  On the opposite side stack a couple of great coffee table books and atop place a small vessel potted with a succulent or something earthy…like moss or driftwood.

You have to send some picture when you are done:  Its going to be so special!

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