Sunday, July 10, 2011

Impulse Accessorizing

Most of the time there isn't enough money in the budget for a complete overhaul of a home or room and most of the time people would like a little something new to keep their spaces fresh and evolving.  A few new accessories on a console, mantle or side table can breath new life into a room without being cost prohibitive.

From time to time I come across a piece that I would categorize as an "impulse accessory."  It has to be under $100 dollars (so it doesn't require any major savings or a family discussion) but also it needs just enough style to make an impact.

First installment:

Calligraphy Brushes - - $69.30 for set of 3!

Hang these in a row on a small wall to create a sculptural focal point, or lay them atop books for an extra layer of texture.
Stands are also available to raise these as a great backdrop in a grouping of accessories or as an anchor on a mantel.

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