Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#DesignDilemma: Above Cabinet Display Space

Everyone has questions as they navigate their space spruce ups.  Sometimes you end up with a list and decide to call in for professional back-up, but sometimes you just have one question that is plaguing you.  I can help!

#Design Dilemma: Above Cabinet Space  

From @HigherEdGirl: "I have a #designdilemma: the space above my kitchen cabinets. The blank space haunts me daily! Suggestions?"

1. Be sure whatever you decide to display in this space, that it doesn't completely fill the space.  You want there to be room to breathe between the top of the object and the ceiling and some empty space side to side.  I would keep the space above the cook top empty but nestle two groupings on either side.
2.  It looks like you are working with a really great tonal color scheme.  Keep that going with whatever you place up there to make it feel purposeful but with interesting shapes so that it isn't boring!  Mixing materials and sheen is one of my favorite ways to add interest into a space. Like with these pieces, ceramic, smokey glass and metal play nicely off one another. I would place a grouping like this on the side that is a focal point or an area you see as you walk into the space.
3.  You can also consider storage on top, in the form of an interesting metal basket.  If you are storing something unsightly consider lining the basket with white linen.  If you don't necessarily need extra storage, I love how they placed selenite logs in this image! Depending on the lineal space you have, I would do a grouping of two or three of the same bins.

If you have a question Tweet to me @BRInteriors with a picture and brief description along with the hash-tag #DesignDilemma.  I'll post your solution on my blog and tweet you back.  If you don't have twitter, you can post it on BR Interior Designs' Facebook page.

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  1. This is amazing! It is practical, beautiful and SO do-able! Awesome!