Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting It.

Whew! I finished up the Extreme Makeover service project at the Promise House this weekend!  It was two busy days full of paint, dust, drilling and running around.  I went into the weekend full of energy and ready to get started giving these teens an exciting new room.  I left the weekend physically exhausted but full of the joy of doing something worthwhile.  In total our group of 30 women spruced up 8 rooms that can house 21 teens!  All of the spaces were so different but they all looked significantly cleaner and cheerier!  Here are the after pics from the room I helped on.  To see some more photos go to the Promise House's Facebook page.

Our budget was $180 to complete the overhaul and luckily one of the savvy ladies in our group convinced the amazing people at Sherwin Williams to donate ALL the paint!  

Here is what we got for the money:

$60: Three brand new comforters from Target
$20: New curtain from Target.  Its actually a shower curtain onto which I painted a green stripe!
$25: New curtain rod
$36: Three desk lamps with storage from Wal*Mart.
$28: Two blue side tables
$11: Art supplies and clips for pictures (see below)

The new paint color says "Teenager" instead of "Baby Boy" and balances the vivid colors in the existing carpet.  We used the pops of color from the carpet for the rest of the room, adding bright blue and green throughout.  The new curtain is actually a shower curtain and to add a little more pizazz, we painted the green stripe on the blue patterned background!

Our custom art project of blue and white chevrons adds some graphic punch of color to a smaller wall.  Each piece was made by a different team member, so they are all different and add a lot of personality.

Since this is temporary home, we drilled small clips onto the wall so they can change out pictures, drawings or clippings within their space to give it a sense of their own personality.  The awesome sketch in the picture was in the room when we started renovating, so we wanted to hang it up for our resident!  The black square above the desk is painted in chalkboard paint so they will hopefully not draw on the other parts of the wall!  The new lamp is stocked with a full supply of brand new chalk in its organizing cubbies.
Just a little proof that this designer isn't afraid of getting her hands a little dirty!  And you better believe I was still peeling paint off my hands for a few days....

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