Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fab Five on 5: Grey Paint

Everyone has favorites.  The "go to" places or things that are always the right fit for their sensibilities.  Designers are no different!  If asked, they have a list of favorites for any category in design, whether it's their favorite show stopping sofas or their most coveted accessories. 

Below is another installment of my monthly "Fab 5 on Five", a compilation of my favorite things on the fifth of each month.   Painting rooms with grey is really current, but if you get the wrong shade you can end up with a color that appears anywhere from baby blue to baby poo.

Grey Paints: Solved.

1) Silver tone that you can actually see: SW 0055 Light French Grey

2)Warm grey that doesn't go pink: Sherwin Williams SW6017 Popular Grey

3) Cool grey that doesn't go blue: SW 7649 Silver Plate

4) Light grey that is inviting and barely there: SW 7671 On The Rocks

5) Darker grey that is great for accenting: SW 7650 Ellie Gray 


  1. I have been strugging with some greys for my home for a couple of weeks now, and I feel proud that two of my choices are on your list. I am assuming you used selections from this list for the Man Nursery and Hip Dining Room above. If so, which ones?

  2. I did use some of these colors in those spaces! I used Ellie Gray as the darker wall in the Nursery and Silver Plate on the remaining walls. In the Hip Dining Room I used On the Rocks.

    A little more advice: Paint swatches on the wall and see how the colors react with the light in your space! That can really effect the way the color casts.

    Good Luck! -Bonnie