Thursday, January 20, 2011

Modern Man

I'm working with a Mom-To-Be to design a nursery for her Baby Boy.  She has an awesome sense of style herself.... very modern and clean.  So it's no surprise that when we talked about what this room could be, clean and contemporary were at the forefront.  We've been working quickly to get this thing together because Modern Boy will be here in a few short months.. and he needs a (stylish) place to lay his head. 

Right now the room is a blank slate, except for great hardwood floors, a huge closet and a re-purposed dresser that will double as a changing station.  Mom-To-Be painted the dresser white, and had clear vinyl pulls made at a leather worker... what a great idea!  Check back for completed pictures of that.

Before Pictures:

  Since a nursery really is a space for the parents, we wanted to set a calming mood.  Once we had some of the larger items selected, I created a mood board for us to work from.  Its a great way to see everything together and determine how its all working.  Mom-To-Be found a modern glider and crib at Baby Bliss, so we had GREAT bones to work with.  We then selected two silvery gray paint finishes, the darker of which will go on the crib wall to create a crisp contract between the white crib and white tree wall applique.  We then went for a rug.  Anyone that's been around a new baby knows.... clean ability is key when it comes to their surroundings. SO, we decided to go with a modular carpet tile from FLOR to create a grey and blue striped rug.  If any of the durable tiles gets annihilated by any array baby mess, they can just be replaced.

Furniture arrangement was pretty simple.  I arranging the pieces so there can be a direct B-Line path from the hallway door to the crib.... because we don't need any obstacles that will surely induce a late night "trip."  We placed a larger "tip proof" table to set next to the glider so Mom-To-Be and Modern Boy can keep everything they need in arms reach. 
That's it so far! Like I said, we are moving fast!  Check back soon to see the completed space!

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  1. It looks great, Bonnie. I'm interested to see what treatment you give the windows. They offer a unique opportunity. Uncle D.